Liu Yuxi (772-842)

The Temple of the First King of Zhu  Reflections on an Ancient Event at West Fort Mountain  Black Gown Lane 

The Temple of the First King of Zhu

His heroic spirit still pervades

heaven and earth.

For a thousand years,

he continues to inspire.

His historic rise completed

the tripod of powers in in the land.

His great task was to

restore the coinage of Han.

With the help of his prime minister

he founded a kingdom.

But the son he raised

was not a worthy heir person.

How sad and pitiful

are the singing-girls of the former Shu,

who came dancing

in front of the Wei palaces!

Reflections on an Ancient Event at West Fort Mountain

As Wang Jun's towering warship             

sailed eastward from Yizhow,

In the imperial city morale

suddenly was very low.

Eight thousand feet of iron chain

sunk to the river bed,

While flags of surrender appeared

on the city of Stone Wall.

How often in this world

we are touched by a past event?

The mountains, as ever, pillow on

the cold flowing river.

Henceforth, the country

is united as one nation.

The relics of old forts remain

in the midst of autumn reeds.

Black Gown Lane

Wild grasses and flowers grow

by the Red Bird Bridge.

The setting sun shines obliquely

upon the entrance of Black Gown Lane.

Swallows, used to perch on the

front mansions of the Wang and Xie,

now fly into the

houses of ordinary people.

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